Symptoms of type 2 diabetes: urinating frequently, especially at night, is one of the seven warnings


While there is no cure for type 2 diabetes, it is apparently more likely that a person can put the disease into remission – when blood sugar levels are back in a normal range. How can this be accomplished? The Diabetes UK charity is highlighting seven telltale signs of high blood sugar, which can affect adults and children. First, an early symptom of type 2 diabetes is waking up overnight to urinate.

You may notice that you are in the bathroom more than before, but this is especially noticeable at night.

Second, it’s quite common for a person with high blood sugar to be extremely thirsty.

The regular eight glasses of water a day may not be refreshing for diabetics as they feel they could do with drinking more.

Third, feelings of exhaustion can overwhelm you, as the condition can make people really tired.

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For women, the symptoms of thrush include:

  • White vaginal discharge – tends to be thick like cottage cheese but it doesn’t smell
  • Irritation and itching around the vagina
  • Pain during sex or when urinating
  • Swollen and red vaginal lips (labia)
  • Cracks in the skin around your genitals

For men, the symptoms of thrush include:

  • Thick white discharge from the penis
  • An unpleasant smell from the penis
  • Pulling the foreskin can be difficult and painful
  • Irritation, redness and burning sensation around the head of the penis as well as under the foreskin
  • Pain when urinating and during sex
  • Cuts and wounds

Cigna Healthcare said minor abrasions “heal in three to seven days.”

“The larger and deeper the scratch, the longer it will take to heal,” he added.

If minor cuts take more than a week to heal, it may be a good idea to see your GP.

Blurred vision

Vision Express defined blurry vision as “not seeing clearly” even after rubbing your eyes.

A blurry view occurs when you “cannot detect the fine details of the object you are looking at, no matter how far away.”

An optometrist can help determine what is causing this difficulty in vision.

Ignoring the warning signs of diabetes can lead to vision loss, nerve damage and cancer, Diabetes UK has verified.

Lifestyle interventions can cause a person to go into remission from diabetes.

This can be achieved by losing weight; research has shown that an obese person losing 2 pounds by 15 kg in a safe and measured manner can be helpful.

Losing weight can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


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